Terms of buying furniture online

The general terms of rights and obligations for purchase of furniture to Muebles Valiente SL, through its online store located at www.mueblesvaliente.com

Operations with sales, shipping of personal data, be knowledgeable about each of the offerings, with these conditions, but the being of legal age, sound mind and have free capacity to perform the operation at that store sales online, part Muebles Valiente SL.

- Price

The price of each of the products offered in the online store is only belonging to this online store, with the amount of each product at the time of purchase, without undergoing change, and that the same is included both VAT, as the transport thereof.
This does not mean that for certain products, such as furniture Dining room or bedroom, where assembly and transport is required, not a 10% total price of the product for assembly and transport, indicating is added in each of the articles where this rule will efficiency, to apply to any products which such condition does not appear.

- Payment

Payment for items depend on the type of payment chosen by the customer. Since the different modes in different conditions apply.
a) Bank Transfer. In this mode, once recepcionado payment will proceed to prepare the order for delivery or manufacture of the product.
b) COD. This method involves a surcharge of 8%, which is the increase which is sending in that mode compared to service logistics. Being Abondo the price once full of the reception of the goods. There are items for the price, should be greater than 1,000 euros a price is requested in advance, it's still 30% of the total.
c) Payment by Paypal. The same conditions as for bank transfer, since once payment received will be applied when the order is sought, proceeding depending on the product in the manufacture or preparation of the order.
Payment by credit card. The same conditions as for bank transfer, since once payment received will be applied when the order is sought, proceeding depending on the product in the manufacture or preparation of the order.

Also in all modes, our company receives a mail order anything else done and another to pay the same, so at that moment you begin to manage the order.
a) Home delivery.
Transportation is included in all prices from the online store. The difference between products is what motivates that is delivered by transport agency or our own transport company. Since some products require transfer and assembly, and these products will be sending requiring service by our own logistics company that anger indicated in each product

- Mounts at home

In those shipments of items that require installation a plus of 200 will be charged by way of assembly, provided that the item is required, that anger items shown in the online store with the title, `` Accurate montaje'', remain that way transport included in the price, but being paid part assembly, otherwise the mounting Muebles Valiente SL is made, the warranty will not cover the product. It is for this reason that we differentiate ourselves from the competition because from our headquarters to the customer the product is shipped and installation is performed by our specialist fitters, so leaving the warranty item in force for a period of 2 years. If the customer requests the assembly item itself is sent by company dismantled logistics and should be assembled by the same not being apliable warranty for such products, unless the package arrives in bad condition, so it will require returning the product, responsible logistics company.

- Delivery

Delivery times depend on each product because the assumption that this in stock and that the product can be sent by transport agency, the shipment would take place in 24/48 hours. But the products where there is no stock, requiring manufacture or transport and installation by our logistics and human resources, the delivery time will be between 2 weeks and 2 months depending on the product, as bulky furniture usually go on the customer and shipping and assembly will take place once the product is in our office, and as soon as possible the transfer was made.

- Deadlines Manufacturing

Always depending on the product, the production time is usually 1 week to 40 days, always depending on the product, as bases, mattresses and box springs, even without stock can be manufactured and shipped within a maximum period of 9 days, but in larger products or those to be measured, the manufacturing period is 40 days, so the delivery time will be recepcionados once the articles, up to 2 weeks.

- Warranty

In www.mueblesvaliente.com and Muebles Valiente Sl, always offer you a 2 year warranty on all our products in accordance with the terms contained in the Act 3/2014, of 27 March, approving the revised text of the amending General law for the Defence of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November.
The warranty covers replacement by a new item in good condition if the repair is not possible, and sending from the client to Muebles Valiente, is charged to the customer, being shipped out Muebles Valiente Customer by Muebles Valiente.
Damage by improper use of the equipment or wear caused by normal use thereof, are not included in this warranty.
In the products of a technical nature, the user should follow the installation instructions and directions for use supplied by the manufacturer.

- Returns and Exchanges

To make a return or exchange in any type of article must be performed within a maximum period of 14 days, then both delivering the invoice, as all product packaging and the goods are in perfect condition.
Articles of rest, such as mattresses, pillowcases, blankets, bedspreads, and pillows, no refund is allowed once the product has been unpacked, since for reasons of hygiene products and no refunds allowed unsealed.
In case of return of the articles, all the requirements set forth above, MueblesValiente SL, shall be refunded the total amount of the product, less a proportionate share of the amount of logistics, set to 25% of transport.
Exceptionally, a refund on products for hygiene reasons can not undergo refund, which have been unpacked or has been removed, the protective cover and those products that are manufactured specifically for the customer, such as furniture is not made measure or as mattresses because they are exceptional and exclusive use
No claim shall be allowed for any change, if it has not been placed on record with the delivery note. All delivery note signed, it shall be deemed received and under.