Diseño de interiores

Interior Design

We conducted a study of customer tastes and that with their expectations. Trying to adapt the space for your home or property, in warm places and dream. Anywhere become what you would like it to be. Because every client is different, each project is tailored to needs, but with the same quality and care for more than 135 years ago.
Frabrica de muebles


For more adapt to the needs of each client and to offer a unique product, offer the ability to manufacture all kinds of furniture and accessories for your home or property in a special way. From any furniture, usual or not, to curtains, carpets, rails, blinds, bedspreads, cushions, blankets and even culquier ideas you may have and would like to have, we make it reality.
Para Profesionales

For Professionals

Due to the number of years in the industry, Furniture Valiente offers its range of products for professional adapting to the needs of each, and we offer our comprehensive services for hotels, apartments, cottages, apart, farms, homes and others who need meet your needs by volume, adapted to the same prices and with warranties on products, all made in Spain. Do not hesitate to consult us about the product you need, and we perform comprehensive services for such cases.